They say in life, when something belongs to you, they’ll come back.
you came back to me, but you’re still not mine.
Sometimes people wish they can change the hands of time, but this is life and life
can’t rewind. we can press play and move on, there’s really no choice in to stay
when everything’s wrong. Sure, you came back to me, but we both know and can see that even
down on our knees, God wont help with thee.

They say in life, when you love something, you’ll let go. but don’t they know when you love something, you also hold on tight?
left and right, black or white. i let you go, i watched you flow, and my life was slow.
but now you’re here, i’m holding dear, showing i still care.
What they say, they say too much. all the words are hung to clutch.

let’s say our own, let’s make our home. Take our stand
with hand in hand. we’ll prove them wrong, we’ll go on strong. we may not be, but it’s still
you and me.