alone in the yellow sakura tree
she wonders where he went
the flowers stopped falling
and the tree almost empty
no one’s holding her anymore
no one’s by her side
the only one she’d loved
left her in their fantasy world alone
the hollow feeling in her heart
never left once he did
he lived in the real world
some where she didn’t belong
and though her tears crashes down
no one’s there to wipe them away
for every tear that drops
each yellow blossom dies
for every blossom that dies
each piece of her heart gets shattered
she thought she could take it
she held on for so long
but it all crashed down
when he said he was gone
an empty chill running through her
not knowing what is real or not anymore
there she stays at the yellow sakura tree
until every yellow blossom’s gone
there she sits in her fantasy
no matter what anyone else says.