Today’s just another word what holds onto tomorrow. Today’s another distraction for what happened yesterday. Although it’s all gone and done, Today’s the day i’ll finally see. See the truth and what hold lies. See the lies behind the truths, and before you tell me otherwise, I’ll finally see all the reasons why. Today’s a new day, some people would say. Those people are fools. What makes it different from yesterday? And what makes it different from what will be tomorrow? Do you not still smile? Do you not still hurt and cry and live? Do you not still take for granted the very second you’re reading this now? Today’s no different from 10,000 years before. Today’s no different from 10,000 years later. Sure, we have more technologies, sure we’ll discover new things. But don’t we already do that? Do we not still do what we did 10,000 years ago? And are we not still going to do what we’re doing now in 10,000 years? Today’s no different from what you’re doing now. But that’s where you’re wrong. Or some would say i am. For today…. and Everyday…. is a new day.