Today’s the first day of school. It’s really kewl and everything and i’m still at skewl right now, just having free time right now, but still. Even though today’s the first day of skewl and everything, i’m ecxited for it, but it’s also my dad’s birthday… i haven’t talked to him in so long. the last time i saw him was when he came to our house that one time and begged my mom… it was really sad. I miss my dad. I miss talking to him, seeing him at home, and even though he did us wrong for the past several years, he’s still my dad and he still deserve some credit. He wasn’t a bad dad and sure, he wasn’t the perfect dad, but then again who’s dad is? He tries the best he can and that’s all we can ask from him. i hope to hear from him soon, but then again i really dont. i think i prefer things like this and i know it’s wrong, but i want them divorce. i want my parents happy, but my dad’s not happy without my mom and my mom is happy without my dad. my mom had never been happier as a matter of fact, so there’s really nothing i can do right now except accept the facts. the only thing that botheres me today is that i can’t say happy birthday to my dad. he’s turning 34 years old today… For everyone without a parent, it’ll be alright. Try your hardest in life, and if you can, tell those you love them everyday before you lose the chance. It’s something i was told by my baka-san^^ thank you.