I’m trying to get real here and you wanna live a fantasy
              Saturday, July 25th, 2009. 2:39 p.m.
So i’m trying to hold on to what i can
i’m trying to hold on to my most precious memories
but all i’m getting is being put down
and all im getting are nothing but words.
there are times when i thought it was over
there are times when i thought we’ll make it
but through it all there it was still
that roller coaster that never ends
i’m raw, i’m new, i’m use to it all
but everytime i see you, i just lose my mind
i thought i was over it, now that my fantasy died
but no, still full in bloom you say, now i’m all confused
i haven’t seen it since the day you told me you chose her
i haven’t seen it in my dreams because i lost all hope
but now that it’s back, i’m not sure what to do
i don’t want to wish and have it not come true
you know i love you, but i’ll let you go.
if you truly belong to me then i guess you’ll come back
but if not then i’ll understand
you still know i’m here for you anyway
live your life, go and get real
i’ll stay in the world of in between
pulled away from my fantasy
but pulled to it as well.