so i wonder if you see me

so i wonder if im on ur mind

its just that everytime i pass you

i feel like ur not looking

but you come up to me and say

"Babe you know ur all mine"

so tell me

what am i to you?

cuz everytime i smile at you

you look away

everytime i speak to you

it’s like i’m not even there

so tell me, why do you treat me that way?

i want to be there for you

but you’re never there for me

wen i cried that one day

i don’t think you even noticed

but tell me why you came up to me one day and said

"Babe, i’ma be your everything."

i dont know if you’re there for me

i don’t know if we’re meant to be

but i know that i can’t move on

i know that no matter how cruel you are

i’ll always love you…


lmao dont you hate ppl like that? if he dont treat you right, move on!!! you deserve bettah