you’re my comfort when i’m in need
you’re my bandaid when i bleed
you’re the one i turn to
cuz you’re the one to hold me
you’re my friend
the best one i can ask for
you’re my baka
the smartest of the world 😛
when i cry
you tell me not to
when i’m in pain
you tell me you are too
you know how to cheer me up
you know how to keep me smiling
and you know that when i need it
you’ll give me a beating (lol)
everything that you do though
i know you do it for me
everything that you do though
i know it’s cuz you love me.
i hope this cheers u up whenever ur down, i love you tons^^
i love it when ur modest
cuz it shows that ur not egotistic
it shows that u care more about others
it shows that ur not selfish
i love it when ur embarassed
cuz it brings the red to ur cheeks
it shows that ur only human
and that ur someone to keep
i love it when u say ur not kawaii
cuz u know that’s a lie
it shows that ur a liar (tehe)
but it shows that u try
there’s many things that i love about you
there’s just way too much to mention
but if i have to name one more thing
it’s that you’re forever my friend.