i hate everything about me lol
you think i’m really a nice person
you think i’m really a good girl
you think i’m sweet and innocent
you think i’m cute and kind
but really
i cheat, i lie, i steal
i tell u i love you, but i really dont
i tell u everything will be okay when it really wont
i tell u ur my everything when i have no clue
u think ur the only one?
ask this guy, ask that guy, ask whoever u want
cuz i’ve been around more than once
i don’t have a reason
i don’t know why i do wat i do
but it happens and even though i feel bad about it
i’m still not stopping
you think i’m caring and loyal
you think i’m everything you wanna be
you think i’m everything you want
but really
i’m worthless…
maybe i do all this, maybe i don’t
maybe i’m a bitch, maybe i’m not
maybe i’ll try, maybe i won’t
whatever the case…
i’m not who u think i am.