One day, Sakura met a guy named Mike on a website called tokyopop. she had made club called "young authors" and he wanted to join. he messaged her and his words were "Hello. It’s kind of weird in all, but as a boy I write poetry fluently and with deep meaning. I…well I can’t help but like shojo and other girl things, but I do write alot and so I want to be in your club.." from the first moment he had messaged her, he had caught her attention and it was practically love at first sight, she tripped for him. as time went by they talked more and gotten to know each other more. he was sweet, she was sweet, they were both passionate about their work and their words. then one day..
Mike "Wow…If you can handle being there for me, then there aren’t a lot of things that you can’t do for me. I really think that that was deep, it was terrifyingly nice, it touched a part of my soul that few have touched before. Plus, I get to do this, *leans on your shoulder* More seriously though, I liked that."
Sakura tripped a bit farther and said, "wow… that was so sweet… i think i might fall in love with you! lol.. no… i’m no fool when it comes to love… ^_^… wat about you?" and he replied by writing her a poem that took her heart.

I wonder how you’re doing: she that shares my passion
Confessed her love, yes she did, a fully understood action
I love how you comment my work, love it you’re always there
Love it you will take your pains, cast on me I will bear
A young thirteen, pure 13, yet sweeter then I know
Her wisdom far exceeds her years, as she begins to grow
Oh jealousy what a cruel fate, that even I am caught
Oh Sakura, sweet Sakura: who keeps on my every other thought

She was done tripping, she fell. she fell completely in love for the first time in her life. she fell…. and wasn’t caught.
he loved her as well, he really did. but what Sakura didn’t know til two weeks after the poem, was that he was also in love with someone else.Her name was Briana. Of course he had to choose.. he wrote his heart out, of the pain, of the heartache, of the splitting headache that this caused him. Mike knew he had to choose.. the more mature and caring briana? or the more sweet and loving sakura?
two months had passed and he finally chose.. he chose briana.
Sakura was devastated. it broke her heart to have her first love go to someone else. to watch him choose someone else. she cried night and day, she cried from the broken heart, from the horrible scarring pain. but she kept her promise to him, she was still there for him thru it all. she smiled for him and she kept on being strong for him and she knew that no matter what, she would always be there for him.

While mike and briana were going out, sakura and mike stayed friends and that had worked out between them.

until two weeks after mike chose briana, they  broke up.  he came back to sakura and told her he was still in lvoe with her… she didn’t knoe wat to say… thenjust that same day, she found out that she wasn’t the only one again… there was julie. *sigh*  the pain she felt beore came back… only… it wasn’t as hurtful as the first time and she was thankful for that.  skaura and julie soon became friends though and they were practically sisters now… but mike… he says he loves sakura.. he says he loves julie.. and choices had to be made so he left her again.  mike and juliewere dating and sakura was left to just be the friend.  so she tried.  sakura tried to be friends with mike but he made it difficult, he kept telling her that he loves her… but julie occupies him.  sometimes he acts as if he doesn’t even have a girlfriend which frustrates sakura because she noticed it.  how can he do that n say that he’s in love with me, sakura thought.  and then other thoughts would be, what about Julie?

mike and sakura write to each other and they talk on the fone… Julie and mike talk on Tp and on the fone whenever they can. One time, mike told sakura that he’s more in love with her than he is with Julie and he wasn’t shur why he chose julie before her. "Maybe because i didn’t want you to take me in as battered and beat after Briana," he said. 
"I would’ve taken you in and healed you anyway," said Sakura.
"Why didn’t you?" he asked.
"I was waiting… i came to you… you pushed me aside." she said.

So, as time went by…sakura kept falling in and out of love with mike.  she would try to forget him… try to move on.. but whenever she tried, he would always pull her back in.. somehow… He was in lvoe with her… not Julie… wat to do. he doesn’t want to break  up with her for other reasons… he wants to be with her for others… but what about sakura? she doesn’t want to love him… and yet she can’t help it. just like she can’t help the pain that comes n goes while talking to mike.  Since sakura couldn’t do anything about the lvoe, she tried to be friends with him.. the attempt was no use but she tried and tried… Then… Sakura met Shelby, who would soon introduce her to someone who would take her mind off of Mike for a while…

Though love was hard, though it was complicated, Sakura knew she would never feel the same for anyone else as she did for mike. He was her first love, and he will always be her first love.