i spent all day i spent all night just trying to make u happy. i tried being sad with u, i tried holding u, i tried being happy and i tried being angry. i tried all that i can, i tried my best. i just wanted u to feel better, i just wanted u to smile… i just wanted u to know that i was here for u and that i’m not going anywhere. i spent my whole time just talking to u, i spent every minute, every second, just for u..

i just wanted u to know how much i care! i just wanted… i just.. wanted to be there..
im sorry though.. that i try too hard.. i’m sorry that i say i love u. i’m sorry that i care.. i’m sorry, so sorry… i’m sorry i try and fail.
its okay though… im glad ur happy in the end. im glad someone’s able to make u happy, even if its not me..
im glad ur able to cheer up.. im glad ur able to smile.. even if its not me.. even if i gave it my all and more.. even if its not me..
i hate it though.. that im not the one. i hate knowing i tried my hardest and more. i hate knowing i’d give it all up for you. lol i’ll get in truble for you
i’ll get in danger for you, i’ll do anything to make you happy…. but i hate it that even though i’m willing to sacrifice so much and that i do… i hate it that in the end i’m not able to make u feel better…
but at least u do.. even if its not me.