i couldn’t help it… i couldn’t stay away
cuz i knew for a while.. it would happen one day
it came again so soon, that i lost the one i loved
and now all is gone, there’s nothing to think of.
i couldn’t help it, i looked at his site
he seems so happy, without me in his sight
i guess it’s for the best, i guess he’s better off
living and loving, without this baka to keep him soft.
these tears i cried, they’ve cried enough
yet here they come, so quietly and soft
at first i sobbed, so full of fears
and now they’re nothing but simple tears.
though my heart hurt, though it’s much in pain
your pain is what matter, your heart has been slain
i’m sorry i couldn’t heal it, what i could’ve saved
i’m sorry it was me, who’s heart you almost gave
you do mean the world, to me you’re my dear
i didn’t mean it that night, when i said who cares
but i guess it’s now too late, now that you’re gone
for i’ve lost you forever, from this moment on.
my pain to yours, can never compare
yours are far to strong, they can’t even share
i can’t bring you out of the darkness; not now, not ever
but my poor simple heart… will always love you forever.