my broken heart’s unable to withstand the pain
sometimes i ask
how can i still feel it?
how can it still be so raw?
how can i be in pain after my heart’s been broken
once too many times…
my heart’s unable to fix itself
no matter how hard i try
it’ll remain as shattered as when you left
and it’ll remain unfixed til…
i wonder how long it’ll be before i’m ok
i wonder how long it’ll take for it to heal
i thought this time it’ll be true
i thought this time you’ll be the one
but i also thought that you loved me
so i guess everything i thought was wrong
my heart, my soul, my everything
they’re all too broken
they’re all too in pain
they’re all too much to explain.
everything’s too much to take.
too much to take in.
too much to keep.
too much of
everything i need.