i feel like i’m being pushed back.
i’m only existing for ur use
for you to tell me what to do
just cuz i’m living under ur roof
i feel like i’m not even wanted
that everything i’m doing
or that everything i do
is completely wrong
you tell me to do this, to do that
but when i do
i get yelled at
cuz it’s always wrong…
i feel like i’m only here to do ur bidding
that i’m nothing more than..
that i’m nothing at all.
you forget about me
you ignore me
you pass by me
and you don’t even hear me
i was a mistake
cuz you had me at 14
i was a curse
cuz you couldnt do what u wanted
i feel like..
i can’t even say that i feel like Cinderella
cuz she gets the prince in the end..
my prince is gone..
he fell in love with someone else
my prince..
i don’t have a prince anymore.
so what am i to you?
i’m not ur daughter
i’m not ur friend
i’m not even a speck of dust
except for when u want me to do whatever it is you want me to do
i’m nothing.