it’s like an endless line of emotions..
wanting to kill me..
i can feel it.. .all this pain
the sorrow… the hurt..
the thing is… even with so many
emotions i’m feeling…
none of them are happy…
not a sense of joy..
i would want to cry…
i would want to die..
i would feel like shit
and not know what’s going on….
i would get so annoyed…. over one small little thing…
i know it’s not a big deal.. i know…
but it affects me..
slowly… deeply… within me…
i dont know why i’m acting this way..
feeling this way…
all i know.. is that soemthing’s wrong…
something.. somewhere.. maybe it’s me..
the gun… it’s pointing to my heart
telling me to just end it now..
stop the feelings.. stop mostly the pain..
what’s a worse word for pain..?
tell me..
how can i describe how such a thing feel?
how can i tell u how much sorrow…
how much pain.. and anguish i feel?
how can i tell u what i’m feeling.. when i hardly know it myself..?