you were suppose to be with me
but i guess that wasn’t the case
we’ve always said goodbye
but in the end we end up together again
maybe not together like we want
but we’ll never stop talking
and we’ll never stop..
being in each other’s hearts
i love you
you know i do
but thru it all
the choice is still up to you
i hate the ups and downs
i hate the pain and hurt
i hate the sadness and anger
but most of all i hate the love
why does it have to be so difficult
why so complicated
why can’t we just BE together
and live happily ever after?
i love you
and that’s why i’ll wait
until you’re finally ready
to know what you want
i love you
i hope you understand
i love you
please always know
that sure at times i yell and bitch
i scream and shout
i cry and cry and
i blame you for everything
sometimes i say farewell
sometimes i push you away and
say some hurtful things that
i know will get to you
but in the end i’ll still love you
and tho u may not love me back
know that i will still be here
just because
I love you.