So i guess i dont have much to say haha. i’m really happy…
*smiles big*
it’s like all the pain i’ve gone thru.. it’s now gone because it doesn’t matter anymore.
see? i knew we were meant be lol. i knew we would come together again in the end.. it just took him a while longer to realize and act on it. lol
i love him..
i really do. i love him with all my heart and soul and now that i’m back with my soulmate, i feel like nothing can stop me. nothing can bring me down.
i don’t have to worry about anything or anyone anymore and i feel free!
you know how when you’re in a relationship and you feel trapped? and being single is the only way you’ll be free.
well, when i’m with him it’s just the opposite. i’m free with him. when i’m not with him, i feel alone in this world and there’s no escape.
he makes me happy. that’s all i can really say. i mean who else can make you feel totally and completely serene with no care in the world except the one u love? tehe. that’s how i feel. i wonder how he feels. lol
i love u so much baby. i knwo you’re reading this^^