why connor? why him?… u knew.. aBout me and him.. aBout what i went thru..
u fuckin knew how much i cried
how much i fuckin had hurt and tried over n over again to get over him
so just cuz we were thru u think u can just go after him??
u think just cuz my heart was in pain, it gives u a right to go after him?
i was there for u.. Both of u..
i was there for Both of u and u Both still…
i dont wanna fuckin go thru this shit anymore!!
they were my friends too But they still went after him
they knew how i felt.. u know how i still feel..
so why the fuck would u want to torture me again??
do u really hate me this much? wtf… i can’t deal with this shit anymore
i swear.. i’d rather die than go thru this again.
and i fuckin swear, make a move on him and i will fuckin hunt u down
cuz i’m not sittin Back and taking it anymore…
fuck off.