To my best friend..
who means the world to me.
To my best friend..
who i can’t live without.
you are the reason why i was able to smile

you are the reason how i made it this far
you’re the reason why we’re together again
why i stood strong and true

Even though we fight
Even though we love
Through it all
I know our friendship can withstand it

Though we fought over guys
Though we kept some feelings in
In the end
we’re always truthful to each other

You’re my best friend for a reason, Kels
You’re always there for me
Even through my asian temper styles
and even through my asian depressing moments

I love you so much
If only you’d realize that my friendship is true
I love you so much
If only you’d accept me into your heart

Kelli and Melanie
you and me
Kelanie Forever