the reason why some people dont know what love is yet is because it’s like this:
clay gets molded, transformed, and shaped to a certain point until it gets to where the master wants it to get to.

then it gets tossed in the fire to burn, to harden so that it can come out stronger. after it’s taken out, it’s hard to break it and destroy it.

love is like that. you have to get molded, transformed.. then u have to get stomped on, burned.. tossed around and heart broken so that you can become stronger and know what to expect.
you have to survive this over and over again, more than just once or twice so that you can tell the difference between lust, blind love, childish love, and TRUE love.

Some people are inexperience to love because they haven’t survived it yet, haven’t experienced this enough yet. Some have been half molded, half burned.. but they’re not done yet. they still have so much more to feel and see, as do many others.  Once they’ve been through all this, through the pain and heartache, they’ll become strong and independent. Then they’ll be able to see when love is true or not.
That’s how I found my true love.