So i looked at him and thought, "why did he get me? why couldn’t luke had chosen?"
but rules were rules. as derek and i was being pushed into the closet, i could feel the darkness coming to get me.
"WAIT!!" I looked up and saw Luke standing, standing at us. "Uh.." he said. "I.. i think i hear your parents coming!"
Derek ran to the window then came back. "I didn’t see anyone"
"Oh," said Luke, "Maybe i’m just hearing things then." Luke sat back down and looked at me then looked away.
"what was that about?" i thought to myself. . .
"Okay!" said Sonya, "Who’s next?" Thank god. . . Sonya’s my best friend and she knew i did NOT want to kiss
geeky derek the farret. How’d he get his name?
"Who’s next?" said Derek.
"I just said that."  that’s how.
"It’s Emily’s turn!" Josh looked at me and winked. Ew.
"I guess . . ." I reached into the mysterious black hat, wondering whose name i was gonna get. There was Derek, the geek. Sonya, my friend. Josh, the abrasive jock. Victoria, the hottie. Sam, the sweetie. Mariah, the "gangster".  Kevin, my ex. Lila, the adorable romantic. Me, the dork. and last. . . Luke, the person i’ve had a crush on since 4th grade, 6 years ago!
I was reaching around, praying i get someone good. Then as i pulled out the paper and unfolded it, i saw. . . .
"NO WAY!!!" Everyone yelled out and looked at me then at Kevin.
"It’s fate!" squealed Lila.
"It’s karma!" yelled Josh.
"It’s messed up!" I yelled. Just then i looked up at Kevin and i saw him looked shocked for a moment. not from the bottle spinning at him but when i said it was messed up. he looked away . . like. . . like he was hurt?? no way, he broke up with me though. . .
"Do you want to pick again?" murmured Kevin. I swear, was his voice shaky?
"No!! you can’t!" Lila looked at me. "It’s ‘Seven Minutes in Heaven!’ You gotta go in the closet with WHOEVER you picked."
Sonya stepped in "but Lila…"
"No, it’s okay," I said. "rules are rules." I stood up and sighed and walked to the closet. better Keven than Derek. . .  right? Right. i tried to convince myself. We both walked in the dark and stood there. i couldn’t see him but i could see the shadow outlining him and i could see how he looks in my head. his dark brown wavy hair just above his eyes, his green sea eyes and his high cheek bones. His full lips, and soft skin. just then i heard his voice.
"So what do u want to do? just stand here?"
"i guess."
"Oh what??" I sounded a bit annoyed >_< Maybe i was, cuz he was my ex and he’s not Luke.
"nothing!" i could hear him backing up against the door. i sighed again.
"I’m sorry"
"Kev. . ." i wanted to say something but i didn’t know what to say.
"Look, Emily. I’m sorry."
"For what?"
"For 4 months ago. . . "
"Why you wanna apologize for that now?" (The break up)
"Cuz. . .  you just don’t understand!! UGH!" I heard Kevin slid down, most likely sitting down now so i went next to him and sat down.
"What don’t i understand, Kevin?"
"Why i broke up. . . why we broke up. . ."
"You ddin’t love me anymore, that was it."
"I. . " Kevin took my hand. "I do. . . Trust me, Em. . you were my first and only true love. . ."
"Then why?" i wanted to look at him, to see his clear green eyes and find out if he was telling the truth.
"My dad. . ."
"Time’s up!!" Josh opened the door and we both fell down. Kevin was on his back and because he was holding my hand, twisted me on top of him. "WHOOO! Get it on, Kev!!" Josh yelled.
"Shut up Josh!" I stood up and punched him lightly across the arm. he laughed and wrapped his arms around my shoulders. he was one of the most dumbest, most abrasive jock ever, but he was my best friend.
I looked back to look at Kevin but he was already going out the front door. He looked at me with tears in eyes then headed out. . . "Kevin . ."
"Did you say something?" Sonya came up to me.
"Oh. . . no. . " I looked at Luke then looked back at the door to where Kevin was. what about his dad?