I know we’ve said goodbye

i know it’s all over and done with
i’m sorry for all the pain
all the trou
bles and that nothing was gain
though our love was deep, it wasn’t strong enuff
i love you
but i guess it was just time to let go
there were times when i got over
board and times when
things got outta hand
i knew you’d be there for me though
but i guess i took advantage of that
i’m sorry sweetums
that you loved me so much
and i couldn’t handle it
i’m sorry i loved you so much and
that i couldn’t handle that either
i’m sorry our life didn’t go as planned and that
our future is now wrecked.
though our life is rough now, it’ll
be alrite
cuz deep in our hearts i’ll still love u
and i hope you’ll still love me too.