So i wrote this on June 12th, 2010… haha
i’m starting to think that no one’s perfect dream person is out there–they just settle for whoever’s close enough and think/believe the other person is "the one."
if i were to descreibe my perfect dream guy, it wouldn’t be on how he looks but on what he does and say.
my dream guy would laugh at me when i do silly and clumsy things. then he would hug me and tell me i’m crazy. my dream guy would argue with me just to keep hearing my vcoice and when i get angry and try to run, he would hold me tight and won’t let go until i’m done kicking and screaming and saying things i don’t mean.
my dream guy would blush when i smile at him and when i look at him, he would look into my eyes and still look at me when i turn away. my dream guy would laugh at me when i scream at scary movies, then he’d say he’s sorry and hold me after i glare at him.
my dream guy would buy me buckets of chocolate, oreos & cream, rocky road, and strawberry ice cream  when i’m depressed. he’d put on my favorite romance movie then he’d call my best friend over to comfort me.
my dream guy would come home after work, kiss me on the cheek, and tell me he loves seeing me. he’d put up his feet, relax, then nap as i cook dinner. my dream guy would wash dishes without me asking him to then when he’s done, he’ll call me a lazy bum and thank me for the food. my dream guy would yell at me whenever i did something wrong. he would confront me straight up without beating around the bush. then after the fight, he’d leave me to five me some time to myself………. but come back 30 seconds later to hold me.
my dream guy would caress me. he would kiss me gently and tease me tons. during the day we’d have wild sex but at night, my dream guy would make sweet love to me. then he’d spoon me in his arms, smile upon my hair and tell me good night with only 3 words, "I love you."
that’s my perfect dream guy.