I’ve lost an old friend
I never thought it’d be the end
but foolish me, i thought so wrong
and the tears i cry are now so strong
I’ve lost my old lover, so dear to me
I never thought the goodbye would be complete
and now look at us, so weak
With nothing but our buckling knees
My heart aches as I watch him curse
Yelling at me for what I deserve
Hurting so, it breaks my heart
Thinking that one day we’ll part
To top it off, I got my blackie
She fell in love with my crushee
and now I don’t know how to react
To all the pain and all the facts
So much drama in so little time
I never knew I’d lose all that was mine
And though it hurts like fucking hell
I guess i deserve all these aching tales
Wipe the tears by myself
No one’s near to help my health
I’m losing my mind so slowly
Thinking everything’s spinning fully
To everyone I had hurt
Ima shout it out and just blurt
I’m sorry i hurt you so damn bad
I never meant to make you sad
To everyone who had me killed
It hurts me when you held me still
Took a knife to my heart and stabbed it through
Telling me lies like "I love you…"