i wouldn’t be surprised if i lost you too… my baka
lol.. i wouldn’t be surprised especially after all we’ve went through
I told you i understood why u wrote that and yet u still left me anyways
it’s okay though.. cuz i’m use to it… everyone leaves me…
I guess that’s mostly my fault though.. I can’t help how i feel, how i act..
i try not to say anything but when i don’t, everyone gets upset
and when i do tell.. everyone leaves… *sniffles*… I can’t help if i try to keep
things the way the are but everyone forces me to hurt them…
if i lose you.. i would have no one anymore, Murphy… you would still have lucie and
aimee… u would still have someone there for u… but i wouldn’t have anyone
anymore… cuz i already lost them all.. ur the only one who dealt with my pain
and my thoughts.. the only one who loved me enough to stay and the only one
i’ve loved long enough to stay… but now.. idk anymore… i’m so scared you’re ready
to leave me..