I talked to my first love today. Yesterday actually… He messaged me just an hour or two ago.
Remember I wrote a blog about my first love? "A Memory of First Love".. or something like that.
and so Yea…. that’s the one. The one who chose twogirls over me before wanting to actually go
out with me.. I know that he loved me though, likeI loved him.
I haven’t talked to him in forever.. So long ago that I don’t remember how long ago it was. He
messaged me. WOW.
Him: Guess what?
Me: …What?
Him: I miss you.
Me: Really?
Him: Guess what?
Me: yes?
Him: I have the old letters you sent me two years ago
Me: Really?…
Him: Yes.
Interesting huh? I got pissed off at him cuz the last time we talked, I told him that I miss him and
the way we use to talk all the time. And all he said was "oh ok." Like it didn’t even matter. There
were other things too but again, it’s been a while that I don’t even remember anymore… All I know
is that I got mad at him because it seemed like he didn’t care about our relationship anymore,
whatever relationship we had cuz I wasn’t even sure if you can even call if ‘friendship.’
but yes, he messaged me and that was it. Our whole conversation– 9 lines. better than when we
use to talk lol. Then… Guess what? He called me. 11:12pm my time til 12:07am. Almost an hour long.
We talked and it seemed so natural. I remember when i use to talk to him, nothing would come out
and i would just seem speechless everytime.. it was because he gave me butterflies. So I guess now,
I’m more relaxed.. We actually laughed and joked and remembered things without getting depressed.
Me: "Hello?"
Him: "Melanie?"
Me: "Yes?"
Him: "It’s me."
Me: "I know"
Him: "I missed you so so much."
Me: "I’ve missed you too."
That’s how it started…Thinking about it makes me smile. Not cuz of how I use to feel for him
but cuz he missed me. and messaged me. and called me. My first love called me after many
many many days? months? years? (not years) of not talking to him.And guess what?
October 18th, 2010 would be our 3rd year knowing each other. It may not sound long.. but
it FEELS like an eternity. I hope this keeps up: Us talking.