It’s not fair…  I didn’t do it this time..
Why am I to lose someone I’ve just met again
Over someone who’s suppose to be my best friend?
Doesn’t she trust me? Doesn’t she know..
That over the last two years, I’d do anything to protect her?
And yet she accuses me
She accuses of me for starting it
Talking long days and til the night turns to dawn
She accuses me for starting something
Something that’s not even there
No… It can never be there
Doesn’t she know?
Know that he loves her with all his heart
Doesn’t she know?
That he’d do anything to protect her?
No, I guess not…
For she accuses him of having something…
Something that she doesn’t have with him
Accuses him of having something with me
Something that’s not even there
Doesn’t she believe us?
Doesn’t she trust us?
Doesn’t she know how much she mean to us?
And how much we mean to each other?
She must not…
For she’s tearing us apart:
Me and Him
Him and Me
Me and her….
I don’t want to lose both of them
I never planned to
I always believed that out of everyone
These two were going to stay in my life
I don’t want to choose one over the other
I don’t want anyone to choose…
Yet I know she chose him over me already..
It’s chrystal clear.
It’s not fair though…
What did I do? What did I say?
What was it that was so wrong
to make her feel this way?
I don’t want to lose anyone..
Even for just one day…
It’s not fair…
So why is it happening this way?