When i said i’ll be there for you
i meant it
when i said i’ll take you camping
i meant it
when i said no matter what happens, we’ll still be friends
i meant it.
i’m still here for you if you still need me
i’ll still take you camping
and i’ll still be your friend when you come back to me
it just hurts that you left me.
i still wanna see you
i still wanna talk to you
i still wanna do all the things
i said i will do
i’m not going back on my word
i’m not lying to you
i’m not gonna break my promises
and i’m not gonna give up so easily
fuck this, it’s not even fair
i didn’t do shit to make it this way
just cuz she had problems doesn’t mean i deserved it
i needed you and i called you
so what?
your gurl got more probs than a serial killa
she’s more insane than the whole institute
i didn’t do shit to lose you
you promised to be there forever
how can you say you love me
and that we’ll be best friends forever
then leave me just cuz she threatened to break up with you?
friends are forever, lovers are for never
so when you realize that i’m better than her
i’ll still be here
i aint trying to be conceited
i aint trying to sound like i’m the shizz
but when you realize that i actually tried more than she did
when you realized i was right
i’ll still be here
when she was cussing, i was calm
when she was bitching, i was mature
when she was crying, i tried to comfort her
when she lashed out, i stayed true to myself
i was the better half this time
of this i’m definitely sure
im not saying you shouldn’t be with her
but who is she to say who can or cannot be your friend?
who says she can tell me to shut the fuck up?
who says she can call me a freakin bitchh?
who says she can tell me who to talk to and who not to talk to?
and who says she can tell me to stuff it?
you’re my fuckin friend! and i’m supposedly yours
yeah, sure you tried to talk to her
yeah, sure you still wanna be wid me
but you chose her over me? lol you’ll soon see
that your choice.. it mighta not been the right one
cuz friends are for EVER
It was between you and me
so how could you say it was her too?
it was your choice whether or not you wanted to be my friend still
and yet you said you couldnt be
cuz of what she said
if she was willing to break up with you
just cuz you still wanted to be my friend
what the hell makes you think she’ll stay with you for very long?
those who truly loves you will trust you
and let you talk to whoever you want
those who loves you wouldn’t try to control you
those who loves you wouln’t tell you what to do
and those who loves you wouldn’t give you that "if you love me then you’ll do this.." SHIT
and they DEFINITELY wouldn’t have said "ima break up with ur ass if you dont stop talking to her"
but you knwo what?!?
that was your choice
you left our friendship for a relationship u were unsure of
you left our promises that we made to each other
and you left me.
but guess what again?
i’ll still be here if you change your mind
cuz i meant it when i said i’ll be there
i’ll still answer your calls and your texts and your messages
cuz i promised i wouldn’t leave you alone
you’re the one who left and broke your promise
but i’m not like that
i’ll still be here to support you
and when ya’ll dont work out, don’t worry
i wont say i told you so
cuz you’ll be reading dis and feeling hella guilty.
It’ll be okay
i’ll still be here
cuz i love you.
friends are forever.