I forgot for a while
To why I stopped talking to you
Then I looked at her and thought
"Oh yeah, someone’s else in the picture"
Then I looked at him and thought
"He’s the one who really loved me…"

 He was there for me
Even when I wasn’t there for him
He was loving me
Even when I wasn’t loving him
When I felt alone
He was there for me
When I needed someone
He was the one who talked to me 

And where were you?

You were talking to some other girls
Effing others
online, offline
You were hanging with your friends
Talking shit behind my back
Thinkin I wouldn’t find out or know

I shoulda left you long ago
I shoulda left you when he told me to
I shoulda left you the first time
So what the hell was I thinking the second time?
He was there to talk to me
To calm me down when I was mad
He was there to tell me to let go
Telling me I was crazy to forgive you
And he was right
I just didn’t listen

"Why the hell you encouraging him?
Telling him it’s okay when it aint?
Why you making him tell you fake promises
When you know he gunna break them?
Don’t think he love you as much as you love him
Cuz it happened more than twice."

 He was right..
Why didn’t I listen?
1, 2, 3
3 years had passed before I let you go
I finally realized that you werent the one
That my love went to him and
It was no where near your heart anymore

I know we said Forever
but Forever didn’t last
I meant it when I said it
but I guess you had other thoughts
Maybe Forever didn’t matter
Maybe it only meant 3 years to you…
So when I said goodbye
I meant goodbye forever.

I know now that I love him…
Him only cuz even when I left him
He was still there for me
I just couldn’t realize what was in front of me
Cuz love is blind
Love. Love. Love…
Love is what caused all this..
but when he’s ready for love again..
I’ll be the one to be there for him this time

 I’ll be the one to talk to him
To calm him down
To make him happy
Cuz I’m done with you forever..
Cuz I love him.