“Once upon a time
There was a girl
Who fell in love with a boy.”

that’s how it’s suppose to start out right?
then how does it go?

Oh yeah…

“but the girl wasn’t meant to be with the boy
because they were from two different worlds
So many miles apart they were”

“So the boy tried to move on
trying to forget about the girl he once loved
and the girl tried to do the same”

“One day
Fate came along and gave them both a push
Towards each other once again”

And then guess what?
A twist in the story

“The girl and boy were still in love”
no surprise
“but they couldn’t be together”
you know why?
“cuz the boy fell in love with someone else”
Gasp, oh my
“and therefore couldn’t be with the girl”

“She yearned and ached
And though she knew she couldnt compete
she was still there for him”

“She still loved him as she did before
and though he told her that they couldnt be
she tried her best to gain his love again”

“Little by little
It worked day by day
but still to no avail, she couldn’t get to his heart”

Isn’t she suppose to get the guy?
aren’t they suppose to be together?
and be in love?

Well let’s find out…

“He still loved her
Yes he did
As he had loved her before”

“but he loves the other woman more
for she was kinder
and had something the girl didn’t”

What was it?

“She had his heart…”

“The girl wanted to give up
When she found this out
She wanted to forget her stupidity
and to just move on”

but she couldn’t, could she?

“No…but she couldn’t move on
For her heart still belonged to him
and her love to him”

So what is she suppose to do?

“The girl still showed her love to him
Each and everyday
Never giving up, hoping to gain his heart again”

“And even though on some days she feels that
she had touched his heart again,
saw a glimpse of it that was shown to her
she still felt lost to him”

“Once the night ends
and the sun has set
and bid its farewell”

“She bids the boy goodnight
and locks herself away
to cry out her broken heart”

but that’s not suppose to happen..
He’s suppose to fall in love with her again..




“the end”