There once was an Angel watching over me
He was always there above my head
Watching so I won’t make mistakes
Then one day I looked up and said
“Angel, why do you watch over me so?”
My Angel replied, “So I know you’ll be safe.”
One day, I was walking across the street
A car came at me and before I knew it
I saw a bright light
I looked up at my Angel and said
“Angel, why didn’t you save me?”
and he replied, “I did.”
I looked around and noticed that I was in a hospital
I was still weak and could barely sit up
“Angel, why didn’t you let me come to Heaven with you?”
My Angel replied, “because I’m not in Heaven.”
I pondered over that for a while as I recovered
I didn’t have my Angel anymore now that there were
nurses to take care of me.
“Angel, where are you?”
I dind’t get a reply.
A few weeks later my Angel came back.
“I’m sorry I left you,” He said.
He didn’t have wings now.
“Angel!” I yelled
“Where are your wings?” I asked.
My Angel kneeled besides me and said,
“I asked God to give me a chance to be with you.
I worked hard to prove to God that my love for you is strong.”
I looked at him
“but what if I didn’t love you?” I asked him.
“Then God would make me stay on Earth and suffer the pain.”
I looked at my Angel and asked
“Angel, why did you ask God to send you to Earth?”
He looked at me
“So I can take care of the one I love.”
“Is it me?”
He nodded. I smiled.
“I love you too, Angel.”