You came walking up to me with a smile on your face
I can tell you were shy so I wrapped my arm thru yours,
hoping it would boost your confidence
“what should we do?” you asked as we walked to your house
“surprise me” i said.
We picked a movie, the most perverted one, just for fun
“Sit by me” he said as we sat on his bed
I laid down and you wrapped your arms around me
making feel safe and warm
The movie was halfway through
when your family came in
A birthday party for your nephew was tonight
and they were preparing for it
“Let’s go to the park” you gave me your sweater adn smiled
I followed your lead and there we laid
In the open green field under the bright yellow sun
We talked for hours about things of all sort
Family, friends, love, pain
FOUR hours…
Just laying in the sun and talking to each other
I even told you my fear: fear of love…
I would remember that part the most
You made me feel special
Like I was something to be discovered
and you just kept asking questions about me
again and again til you reached to the core
When we finally went back to your house
I felt like I’ve been stripped of my secrets
When we laid back down on your bed
All you did was hold me…
I never had that before
The feeling of someone’s arm around me like that
To just hold me…
I fell asleep in your arms and you didn’t wake me
I loved that…,
I loved that day…
And for a moment…….
I loved you.
Thank you for that one day.
Thank you for teaching me of how love can be
If Love’s to find me, this time for sure
I hope it’d be like that one day forever…