My head hurts… I’m not alone in this world. there are billions of other ppl, so why do i feel this way?

i know i have friends… but where are they now? And why do i deal with the ppl who maks me feel
so upset?
My heart hurts. I’m in pain. but i don’t want to cry cuz it wouldn’t even matter. it wouldn’t make a
difference is what i’m tryin to say. i just don’t get it.
I want to grow old, have children, be with the one I love. but the one I love, I don’t know if he
loves me back. it’s difficult. I don’t wanna talk about it cuz you won’t get it.
I don’t need to know your sorrow. i have my own. i don’t need to know your pain. i have my own. i
don’t need to know your heatache. i have yown. i don’t need to kno your shame… i have my own…
if it isn’t love. it’s skewl. if it isn’t skewl. it’s friends. if it isn’t friends, it’s family. everyday it’s the same
pain with a different twist.
I don’t wanna sit here and feel sorry for myself. i don’t wanna get up and fake a smile. i use to say
“fake a smile everyday until you make it” but it doesn’t work. it just hides the pain and deepens it.
if you could, please come talk to me. if you could, please make me smile, make me laugh, make me
not resent another day as i lay myself to sleep at night.
if you can’t, it doesn’t hurt to try.. if you can’t, i’m sorry i’m this way. it just hurt to have someone
you love against you, loving someone else, and forgetting about you..