I don’t know if I can do this…

You’ve moved on and I’m still behind in the past
I dont know how I can love you so much..
How this can hurt me so..

I don’t mean to cry, to look back
I don’t mean to remember so much
but i can’t help it… i didn’t do it on purpose.

you’re already moved on
and here i am, still thinking about our

And here i am
just because you’re done with me

it hurts so much…
i didn’t even realized how much it did
until i found myself crying

i didn’t even want to cry!
i didn’t even want to remember… so why
the hell did i look back?

i coulda just left it alone
coulda just stopped talking to you
like you wanted

but what prompted me to contact you again?
i was in pain…
my family hated me…
and i knew you would understand

you always understood me…

then why can’t you understand me now?…