She coulda walked away, coulda left it behind and God knows she tried, but something kept pulling her back. Every morning she would walk back to that yellow sakura tree, stare at it, and wonder why she felt such a strong pull, As if she was there to wait for something or someone.

A thousand years ago, as rumors go, there was a lady. 5 Feet tall, long brown hair, and eyes that were always filled with longing tears. She too felt a pull to this yellow sakura tree, a pull that connected her to the one she love. Everyday she waited, hoping he would come back. They say if u love something, let it go-and if it came back, hold on tight… he left and came back, but she lost him once again And so she wait at the place they made their vows.

A thousand years later, every morning she still stand there, still loving the one she waits for.