While writing about all his cherished friends, he included me in the top ten:

“You’re still here. In my life. Despite pain, separation, and near abandonment…I am sorry for the things I haven’t been able to help with, and I know that you would love to hear from me more, so please, call me, text me, blow up my wall, do something so that I know you still exist…I don’t forget the past memories, the Sakura tree, it’s what I nicknamed the one out your window…the ring…the string still firmly attached, and your sweet words that always get to me….I don’t want to stop being the one who guards the forest of Nis, and I don’t want to be gone from you at all. Remember me, and I will remember you and help you as much as I can. There’s only one person on this world who I would call mish ayumi. And that is you, Tiaizente.”

He’s right, despite bear abandonment and lack of communication, he too wil always be mish Ayumi. Thank you for cherishing and loving me, I will always love u too.