We were never meant to be

So stop holding on

The past was long ago

So please get gone

You’re hurting my heart

Right down to the very soul

Because you know I’m broken

From every stab and toll

Stop coming back

And telling me about your new girl

Stop coming back

And telling me you love me still

I’m trying to move

So many years gone by

But I can’t seem to lose myself

No matter how hard I try

I’ve thought about it:

To change my name and move on

But then you come to mind

And that thought is suddenly gone

Let me live my life peacefully

Stop haunting my dreams

Stop torturing my soul

By telling me you love me

You have my heart

You always will

What more do you want

From this woman so ill?

I’m begging, Leave me

Before it all goes wrong

Leave me

While I’m still this strong