What’s the difference this time? it’s not like it’s the first time we’ve said goodbye.. i mean… we’ve ddone it before
but will it be different? i just dont know anymore… sometimes i doubt if i’m really able to keep away from him.
i love him so much i just can’t stand it but it hurts so much to know he doesn’t love me as much. i mean… if
he really did then he would be with me.. again with the impatience–we’re seas apart. well, in this case, an
ocean apart *sigh* if life was easier, we wouldn’t have these problems… but we would have other problems cuz
with yin come yang… maybe he does love me haha. i know it’s just difficult right now and you know, i’m trying to
not let it affect me or my life but what can i do? he IS my life… i wish he’d realize that. and not just realize it
but take it to heart. maybe it’s just my youngness that’s getting to me. youngness–not even a word. i meant to say
maybe its my immaturity still i suppose. i miss him.. it’s only been some days lol. but i can’t help it. can he?
just thinking…