WOw…. So I had a dream last night about Sweetums aka Connor =( IDK if it’s a good thing or not but… in my dream… I guess I can only interpret this as.. I still think of him as my shining knight in armor </3
In my dream… I can't remember what happened exactly but we were still far apart, me on a different land, him on another and yet we've met before. seen each other and we promised "it wont be long." i remember in my dream i was either calling him or IMing him on the computer and idk… it was like i could see what he was doing as if i was a third narrator, a third person for there was ME on the other side as well. He of course lived in Ireland instead of Scotland (where he is) but we've always wanted to be in Ireland together… He lived in this white castle that belonged to both of us. The ancient fantasy castles that you read about, that you dream about (haha dream). anyways, i was talking to him and missing him and he was telling me what was happening at the house. there were people coming to the castle, across a beautiful white stoned bridge that hovered over the waters of an ocean… and before i woke up, he buried his face into my neck and said…

“I Miss You”