how does one explain love? =] he understands me when no one does. he understands me more than i understand myself. he knows how im feeling, what im thinking and he does what he can to make me feel better before i even start feeling sad or hurt or upset..
he has this magical touch that whenever he holds me or carress me, it makes all my problems go away.. it makes my mind clear of nothing else but him n me. and when we’re together.. nothing can break us.
i love him because he’s a part of me.. i breathe him in because he’s my breath.. i survive cuz he’s my water… i feel cuz he’s my heart.
he was there for me thru thick and thin. and although we had our differences.. he always loved me and even now, i know he still loves me. but because he has someone else, he can’t love me as much because of who he is. he is faithful… thats why we’re not together right now.
he is faithful and loyal.. loving and oh so caring… he is so gentle and smart and even if you say the stupidest things, he will make you feel smart
he’s perfect.. because he’s imperfect.. he is sooo stubborn! lol.. if he wants something, he goes for it. if he doesnt want something, you have to fight thru every thorn he throws at you haha. he’s cocky only when he knows when he’s right and when he’s not, he apologizes.
he’s so honest… one of the most honest man you will ever meet.. and even tho he can be a jerk, it’s only cuz he’s telling the truth. he’s being blunt… and when he realize he had hurt you.. he immediately pulls you into his arms and say he’s sorry.
i love him for all that.. and more.