You should let it go
you’re right…
what you had was good but now
it’s not the same anymore, ok?

maybe the love you feel now
is the idea of still loving him…
are you sure you still love him, Melanie?
with all your heart, is he still the one?

The love is different
but if you were given another chance
if you were able to try one more time
would it be the same?

what would happen?

Does he still love you too?
I know you know he does..
But how much? How so?
What kind of love is it now?

Look, you’re so distant…
You’re not even sure anymore.
You’re not sure of his love and..
you’re not sure of YOUR love

Take a step back and think about it
before you start hurting again
Think and search your heart
before you give it away again

I don’t care if you think you were waiting for him
I don’t care if you think you still love him
ARE you waiting for him?
DO you love him?

“Think” isn’t enough.

Maybe you should JUST be friends..
Let go of the love, Melanie…
Let him go

He let you go.