i guess things has changed. i guess you have moved on
i guess i’m just a fool for still thinking i still belong
i’m not trying to rhyme, not trying to write
i’m just trying to feel and just trying to think

life’s been hard since you’ve gone
but maybe i’ve gone too and that’s who i’m looking for for
maybe i’m looking for myself and not for you
i guess it would make sense since i cant find you

should we even talk anymore?
is it worth it?
do you want to talk to me anymore?
am i worth it?

we spoke again today
and for one brief moment i loved you like before
we said we wish we’d be in each other’s lives
and continue talking forever more

but then you went cold
something has happened
i wasnt sure what it was
but in a moment you were gone

i guess i should expect that a lot
from now on…
we’re not who we use to be anymore
and i guess u can blame me

i keep reliving our memories in my head
but i know deep inside it’s not what it use to be
everything’s just a memory now
and we can’t take it into the future because
we might now even have a future anymore

i feel like i’m being unfair; doing this to you
whatever this is..
that i only talk to you when i miss you or need you
and you don’t deserve that
yet you take it anyways

everytime we pull away, i just wanna get closer
everytime we get closer, you pull away
which makes me pull away too
so far away until we’re not talking again lol…

you dont even want me anymore
you dont even talk to me the same anymore
and though i try so hard, i guess it’s just not enuff
i guess i’m not enuff anymore

idk how to end this..