i dont need you anymore
despite the fact i still feel drawn to you
i dont need you in my life
i dont need you to breathe
i dont need you to eat
i dont need you to live
so stop telling me you need me

you manipulated me long enough
made me think we could be more than friends
you said you loved me more than i love you
but we all know that wasnt true
you just wanted to drag me along
to make sure i’d take away your pain
i kept my promise long enough
but you didnt keep yours so here’s my pain

i dont need you anymore
i’m over you and your vicious lies
you keep saying i’m your life, your one, your love
when in truth you’re still thinking of her
i hate how you used me over and over again
and how i denied myself of the truth
yes they say love is blind but now i know it aint no lie

we are through, i’m done with you
i mean it this time cuz i’m not turning back
my heart is still open but you’re not welcomed anymore
goodbye forever cuz forever means nothing anymore

~Melanie “Sakura” Lor