“I’m in love with the idea of love” ~Will “yndeed.com”

That’s exactly how I am.  I’m in love with the idea of love and can only hope and pray and wish that I will find it, touch it, have it.  Sometimes I feel like love will never catch up to me or that I will never catch up with it.  Sometimes I’m just searching and when I think I’m in reach, that “love” I found just disappears.

The idea of love? To be held, to be touched. To be kissed and of course, to be loved.  It is to have someone be there for you all the time, no matter what the conundrum! It is to have someone care for you with all their heart, to never want to let you go and to always have that special warmth.

If I could find this love and keep it, life would be worth living after.  I tell myself it’s not worth living, but even just the search for it is.  I guess in a way, finding love, looking for it, is right now my goal.  Yes, I’m also learning to go to college, to get a job.. but in the end, aren’t I doing all this to support myself? To support the one I love? And the family to come?

In the end, Love is what makes Life worth while. Love is what we’re living for… is it not?

In my 5 minutes to spare, I write this: Love is everything.