Happy Birthday to me haha

So today I woke up and for the first 30 minutes or so, I forgot it was actually my birthday! My sister said “Wow… Only you would forget your own birthday.” Haha. Then let’s see… I had a french vanilla latte (and I LOVE french vanilla). My friend Malinda bought me one because it was my birthday of course so I let her 🙂

Then in first hour, it wasn’t much.  I have pre-calc and instead of math, we talked about sports lol. Then we had a worksheet to do and people were calling me a math wiz because I finished it fairly fast, but it was just fairly easy. Sh! Don’t tell my classmates I said that.  There’s this girl in my class, Dana Anderson, who dislikes me just because I understand the math assignments and she doesn’t.

Oh well. In second hour, I had chemistry. I had white chocolate^^ Haha you do not want to ever give me chocolate in the morning because I will get very hyper like I am now haha! It’s been almost 8 hours now tehe. And I hate chem but it wasn’t so bad today because I goofed off and played darts and I actually understood what we’ve been doing this past week now!

Then I skipped lunch to fill out this worksheet thing for my classes next year, it wasn’t so bad lol.

Oh and in third hour–It was the most fun.  First, again, I was just really hyper. I couldn’t stop talking lol.  Umm… What did we do? We spoke in Spanish, oh yeah, Spanish class haha (II) and I was actually very good today. It was almost fluent! At least in my opinion. And OMG my class sang “Happy Birthday” to me, in Spanish of course, and it was embarassing, nice, and funny.  After we played a game of the “Fly Swat” thing where there are Spanish words up on the board, the teacher says the word in English, and the two competitors have to try and smack the correct Spanish word.  It was girls against boys and the teacher said he bet money the girls would win haha which of course.. we did! The boys got upset :p

And now I am in Study Hall with nothing much to do tehe. This is my blog for today! Oh and tonight for m birthday, I will be going to watch “Beastly” with my sister, Ashlyn, while my parents go to my sister’s (Leah) dance rehersal. It shall be fun tehe.