What we had was great
All the memories and fun times
But now time has caught up
And pulled us apart

We grew to be different people
Different wants, different needs
We grew to be someone else
A stranger, a dream

Four years went by too fast
Half the time we barely talked
The half where we barely held on
And lived only in the past

Now it’s time to let go
Say our goodbyes and continue on
Be who we are and not who we use to be
Keeping the memories and continuing strong


“What Was, What Is”

My heart aches for what was
And what use to be
For when we wrote letters to each other
And loved each other

You use to sneak online to talk to me
I use to wake up early to talk to you
But now we’re always online
We don’t talk to each other anymore

It’s ironic…
I want the past back
Of you and me
But you want to move on and forget

I remind you of how you use to be
And you hate that
Whereas I loved you for who you were
And I hate who you are now

We’ve changed so much
It’s almost impossible to recognize each other anymore
And what was is in the past
And what is now is now lived without you


“Don’t Know Anymore”

You don’t know my anymore, nor do I you
So why do you assume on what I’m about to do?
You can’t tell me how I feel anymore
Or why I feel such ways
So stop saying you do and stop trying to prove me wrong
When I was hurt, you held me close
When I was trying, you boosted me up
But now you’re barely who I think you are anymore
You look at me as if I were a stranger
And everything I do now disgusts you
You still have an impact on me, I regret to say
But do I still impact you?
I don’t know anymore…

M. Lor