Look, I’m not the best kinda person but people say they still love me

Well, how can u love someone u don’t even know?

I’m not the nicest girl around yet..
People say im an angel.

Well, How am I an angel when I sin?

All my life I been trying to get outta the shadows of expectation.

Been working my azz off to be the best i can be but it still ain’t enough.

Well, what do u expect from me?

I’ma tramp– those who knew me knew this. But I didn’t play with nobody.

Ima theif. But I ain’t steal nothing… But the truth.

How can u say u know me? When u ain’t take the time to get to know me?
How can u take the time when I didn’t give it to ya?

You weren’t ever gonna know me… And I made sure of that.

I’m not who u think I am. Or was. Or will ever be.

Who is Melanie?