I lost myself somewhere along the way

Forgot what was right and wrong everyday

I had no friends b/c i blocked them off

Didnt want no one close cuz it just leads to loss

I became obsessed with wanting to be bad

Had all the guys chase me to get them in bed

I played them all like they played me

An eye for an eye…

Yeah that was my greed

I wanted fun, wanted to forget it all

The pain and heartaches; they werent worth my fall… But

they became my enemy, Turned me against myself

I didnt realize how low i fell

Til one day i found myself in Hell

For what i thought woulda been a one night stand

He wanted more, wanted more than friends

I couldnt take the risk, couldnt take a chance

So i left him standing with his heart in my hands

I got so lost in my own little world

I forgot what it was to be loved like a girl

I played the players’ game and lost the deal

Now im trying to get my life back

Looking to God again to put me on the right track

Now im trying to regain friends again

Asking for forgiveness of my stupid trends

Now im trying to find myself again

And with friends and God, i know i can…

~M. Lor