I loved you more than you know
You were the reason why I didn’t let myself go
I could’ve stopped loving long ago but because
I met you, I knew I couldn’t do so.
You were my love, my one, my only
But then you left and got me lonley
She won’t treat you like I did
All you’ll get are words and fibs
Each passing day, my heart’s getting cooler and smaller
Just like Pluto, nearly negative 600 degrees colder
But you won’t see it, said that you couldn’t
Sure, you can’t see my pain and maybe you shouldn’t
The wound is deep but my heart’s still with you
‘Cause no matter where I go, I’m still buying things for two
I wonder what it’d be like when youfinally  realize
Your love compared to now and when you were in my eyes
I wonder when you’ll find and see the truth
That you were the only to really lose
Yes, I loved you deeply and I still do
But in the end the choice is still up to you.