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I don’t believe there should be an execution penalty because and eye for an eye will not solve anything. Also, the government is being a hypocrite to have a law that says you can’t kill anyone, yet they turn around and kill someone also. It’s morally wrong and hypocritical.
There is now something called “The Innocent Project” where they found that over 200 people, that were on the death row, were proven innocent! That’s 200 people that would have lost their lives over nothing.
There is a book named “Innocent Man” by Josh Grasham. It’s about a man who was accused of having raped and murdered a young woman; 20 years later, after being in jail and having multiple trials, he was proven INNOCENT. That’s 20 years the government wasted, 20 years taken from him and his family!
I could go on about how many had ALMOST lost their lives according to false accusations, but I cannot go on about how many people HAD lost their lives… It’s so depressing and upsetting how so many people had their lives cut off due to miscalculations, manipulation, and accusations. Not only is the execution penalty harsh and cruel and unfair, but it is also WRONG for the government to kill off one of their own kinds; morally and ethnically.