The day you left, I was far away

In another state, unknown you were gone

I got a phone call, tears were streaming

I asked what was wrong, but no words were said

They said you had died, passed away

No longer breathing today’s air

I didn’t know what to do, the feelings I felt

All around me, depression and grief fill the atmosphere

I hear the sobs, my sister’s dispair

But I’m still in a daze, unaware


The day I saw you, your body was there

But your spirit was gone, no longer here

I saw your face, your eyes were closed

I knew you won’t open them again

I knew you had disappeared


We buried you deep, 6 feet under

We said our goodbyes with white flowers

Everyone cried, sadden that you’re now gone

But all I can think of is how happy you’ll be now

I miss you so, though the tears haven’t been shed

I know they will come, but for now I’m content

You’re in a better place, you believed in Heaven

You’ll watch over us, as you always did

And I’ll keep smiling, knowing you’re smiling down at us too.


❤ My Daddy


Yee Lor

Sept. 1, 1975- Jan. 3rd, 2012